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Premier Betting was established during the 2010 World Cup and since that competition, the membership service has provided Subscribers with 3 profitable years and is now probably the fastest growing betting advisory service of its type on the internet.

For the 2013/2014 season we will be offering a slightly different service than in previous years. We will now be giving you access to one of our successful betting portfolios. This is aimed at the slightly more experienced investor, who operates with a dedicated betting bank and can follow a strict fixed return staking approach.

Why the new approach? - To make consistent long term profits in the betting arena, picking 1 or 2 bets a week is a tough game. Profits will have its highs and lows and the reality 100 or even 200 bets over a couple of seasons doesn’t mean you will make the same Yield % year in year out as the sample size is still relatively small and invariably will only focus on certain markets and price points ..

The major leagues in Europe are on the whole fairly consistent, however there are degrees of variance, which leads to what is good one season, may not be the following. With the “Portfolio Approach” that we use for our own investments, we look at spreading this risk across varying markets and price points, much like a hedge fund manager would in the traditional financial markets.
So what betting markets will we be covering and how many bets per month should you expect? This can vary week on week, however a reasonable guide you will be placing bets on around 20-25 per month covering Match odds, Half Time markets, varying U/O Goal lines and a few fringe markets, with odds ranging from 2/5 (1.40) – 5/1 (6.0).

Staking – With the varying price points, level stakes betting is not suited and “Fixed Return” investment is encouraged. We will each week along with the selections advise what you need to stake on each selection. Alongside this you can also apply a cumulative staking approach.

This is where after each round of bets you adjust your bank size in line with your profit/loss from the previous week. You have the choice which method you, either way is fine, the latter is advised if you do not rely on taking any profits from your betting bank over the season.

What profits can I make? Million dollar question and obviously this is dependent on how good our results perform. On average your yield % should be around 15%. In the last 12 months we have personally hit some staggering numbers, however anything over 10% would be an acceptable figure.

What does it cost? – The good news is the price remains the same as last season.

Membership fees are £189 for the full 12 months, £129 for 6 months or £69 for 3 months with all options commencing from the date of joining. These are single payment Subscriptions - we no longer provide a monthly subscription plan or free trial period. Please click the required Subscription button below.

All prices in GBP

*Billed as one payment

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