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Genoa v Inter Milan Betting Preview Saturday 23rd May

Match Overview


This Saturday evening sees a Serie A fixture when Genoa take on inter Milan at the Luigi Ferraris Stadium Kick off 1945 BST.

This is a vital game […]

Espanyol v Real Madrid Betting Preview Sunday 17th May

Match Overview


This Sunday evening sees a La Liga fixture when Espanyol take on Real Madrid at the Power8 Stadium Kick off 1800 GMT.

Espanyol look to be heading towards […]

Celta Vigo v Sevilla Betting Preview Sunday 10th May

Match Overview


This Sunday evening sees a competitive looking La Liga clash when Celta Vigo take on Sevilla at the Estadio de Balaidos, Kick off 2000 BST.

Celta Vigo are […]

Kansas City v Chicago Betting Preview Sunday 3rd May

Match Overview


This Sunday evening sees an MLS clash when Kansas City take on Chicago Fire at the Sporting Park, Kansas, Kick off 2200 BST.

Kansas City have started the […]

Mainz v Hamburg Betting Preview Sunday 3rd May

Match Overview


This Sunday evening sees a vital Bundesliga clash when Mainz take on Hamburg at the Coface Arena, Kick off 1430 GMT.

Mainz are coming into this game off […]

If you have been around the football betting arena for a while you would have come across our chief editor here at Premier Betting, Pete Nordsted who currently writes his weekly betting articles for Goal.com as well as his featured betting previews at Matchbook.com , to mention a few,  but likely most known for his best-selling book, Mastering Betfair.

This same structured and objective approach to unearthing value betting opportunities that Pete adheres to, is followed throughout each and every football match preview found on this website, and although we cannot promise you winners each and every time, what we can promise, is this isn’t some stick a pin in it, no value whatsoever football tipping website like the many out there.

Unfortunately there seems to be a massive rise in the football tipster world these past 2-3 years, and although there is the odd outlier, the majority disappear never to be seen again or at least not under their current guise.

Finding value betting opportunities and gaining an edge is no mean feat when it comes to football betting, especially in the major European leagues that we all love. Added to that the amount of stats and data the bookmakers have at their disposal these days, it becomes an ever hard game to stay ahead in, however, with the correct approach it can certainly be achieved.

Most punters and this quite likely includes you, simply don’t have the time or resources to consistently make well researched and informed betting selections.  Yes you may have a blinding weekend once in a blue moon, which reinforces your belief in your betting ability, but it rarely ends profitable before the seasons out, although most likely, oblivious to the fact you have lost a fortune, recalling only the 5 fold accumulator half way through the season.

We however at Premier Betting live and breathe this day in day out, with all the highs…. and many lows to boot, but we always stay ahead of the evil bookmaker come the end of the season. So as well as offering up free football tips and predictions, we would like to think we can share some of our own wealth of knowledge with you and in turn improve your skills, from the basics through to advanced betting strategies.

So why are we giving away such valuable information for nothing you may ask? Well actually not only are we giving you great FREE detailed analysis on many football matches each week, we will also be giving you our recommendations of where we feel the value lies in the match. Additionally we will also give you a few premium picks, these selections although not plentiful will be our strongest and one would hope, most successful and profitable over the long term….and yes these are also FREE of charge.

So back to, why are we giving this away to you for nothing? We are profiling most of these games for our own betting portfolios or for editorial work elsewhere as mentioned above anyway, so the workload you could say is 80% done, secondly we also have access to one of the most powerful football betting tools available in Betform Pro, this software is the tool we use for researching all our football betting and trading.

Therefore if you buy into our football betting philosophy, hopefully some of you might take the opportunity and decide take out a subscription over at Betform pro, which we will of course make a little something from, however this is entirely up to you, either way the invaluable information we provide for you here at Premier Betting, not just football betting tips, predictions and analysis but other insightful articles and case studies, it’s all 100% FREE.

You will also note on our “Free Football Tips and Prediction” articles that we do have a few affiliate links in place, which we earn a commission on should you sign up for an account with the said bookmaker, this would generally be frowned upon by other “profile advisory services”, however the reality is any profits accumulated via this source will pay our VA who kindly loads up each and every article, kindly yes, however he does need paying at the end of week unfortunately, and as much as we would like to help you in your quest for consistent profits with your football investments, we are not really into losing money on the deal.

That said, bookmakers do offer some great sign up offers of free cash, which if you play it smartly can earn a tidy sum from, more on that another time, but either way we all benefit from taking them up on these offers.

So in summary, if you want to have access to great match previews from all the major European leagues, be advised where the value lies and in which betting markets (and we are not just talking about the regular match odds and goals markets here) as well as having access to all our premium football tips and betting strategy case studies, and I nearly forgot the weekly FREE podcast, then we welcome you in following. You don’t even have to sign up in the box below….It’s all free right here on the website.

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