Pete Nordsted

Pete Nordsted is a full time sports trader and Football Betting expert and head of the top football advisory service Premier-Betting.

He specialises in analysing the football betting markets to highlight the best value opportunities. He also analyses the general sporting markets in depth and it was this knowledge that led him to write Mastering Betfair (Harriman House 2009). He has been working with Danny Jaques for over 3 years researching the football betting markets and it is through this work that has inspired the writing of The Premier Betting Football Series.

Along with the above Pete is a weekly contributor at , and FREE The Weekly insider where you can receive his renowned “Drawmaster” selections each week that have been profitable year after year and most importantly are 100% FREE to readers.


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Pete’s Story

When I first started betting on football I had no concept at all of the meaning of value and would take whatever price the bookmaker would offer me. If Manchester United were playing a team like Aston Villa I would bet on Manchester United regardless of the price on offer. My thoughts were: ‘Well, a winner is a winner’. This is a classic, subtle and – in the long term – devastating error. Basically I was betting on 1.50 (66%) chances, when in reality the chances of winning were much more like 1.75 (57%).

So instead of averaging 66 winners every 100 bets (which were the odds I was betting at), I was averaging around 57 out of 100. Consequently I was a losing punter.

With the dawn of the internet and various football stats sites, I became a lot more knowledgeable about the game. I started to take into account previously ignored factors, and greater statistical detail, such as how differing standards of teams actually (and not presumably) performed against each other, and I also took the time to learn how to compile my own odds.


Danny Jaques

Danny Jaques is a successful football analyst and manages several successful football investment portfolios.

Over the past few years he has researched and developed various databases that have given him the edge in finding that all important stand out bet.

Danny is a stats junkie who will be bringing his many years experience to Premier Betting . He manages several long term professional betting portfolios or “investment Portfolios” as he prefers to call them and has designed the unique Betform Pro software which is used to highlight the best value Pre-Match & In-play opportunities.

Danny also co-writes with Pete on the succesfull  Premier Betting Football Series


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Danny’s Story

My first memories of entering the world of betting came in the early 80’s as a 10 year old playing fruit machines, I remember it wasn’t long before I realised I needed an advantage or edge to win so I started recording the reel layouts of all the different machines in a note book and memorising them armed for when the nudges occurred.

Greyhound racing was the next experience as an 11 or 12 year old. My family  owned several dogs over the years, and we used to go to the local track 3 times per week and this is when the first database of sorts took shape, making notes on every greyhound – if they had early pace, if they moved on or off out the traps, coming up with various  strategies to select my winners, but back then not really taking any consideration to value just picking winners, understanding value  would come later in life, however it was certainly the beginning of an obsession with gaining an edge over the bookies.

This early desire as a young lad to try and beat the system and find an edge has carried through my life to this day. A typical week now would involve many hours analysing data adding various filters and algorithms, building databases on various leagues constantly looking for that standout bet.

Combining the kind of stats and data I now have to hand, along with a disciplined, systematical & objective approach to betting it now keeps me a very profitable punter.